Stitch in Time Embroidery Services LLC is a complete and personalized embroidery sewing service platform designed to offer quality embroidery sewing and digitizing services. Our company is 100% family-owned and operated, so we decided to share many years of embroidery talent and personal pastime to start Stitch in Time Embroidery Services LLC, an embroidery business with a simple concept of offering unique garments to individuals, organizations, teams, and companies.

We are service-oriented and prioritize customer satisfaction. Our quality is notably important to us and we endeavor to produce a professional product while keeping our prices competitive. Allow us the opportunity to create a personalized product for your business, special event, or promotional activity. No job is too big or too small.


Our objectives are basic to offer high-quality products at an excellent price. Our goal is to provide a hassle-free and pleasant embroidery experience with all-new designs and patterns with a team of talented designers. We present an astonishing embroidery practice with a single solution for all types of embroidery and digitizing jobs. Today, as a family business, we keep that same concept simple and offer unsurpassed quality. We have expanded to be your one-stop shop for custom embroidery.